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Accelerated patient flow through fast turn-around-time for blood samples
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Accelerated patient flow through fast turn-around-time for blood samples

The transportation time is a major factor in terms of overall efficiency of the blood sample analysis process. Most hospitals work with the concept of turn-around-time (TAT) when measuring their efficiency in processing blood samples. TAT defines the speed of the sample analysis in the laboratory and when this includes high efficient in vitro diagnostics equipment (IVD), the entire analysis process can be carefully measured and controlled.
The challenge is to measure and control the total turn-around-time (ToTAT). ToTAT is a measuring standard that accounts for the entire process cycle of the blood samples, beginning when the blood sample is requisitioned to the analysis results are available. In today’s hospitals, the ToTAT for blood samples can be up to 4-6 hours.

With dedicated and effective logistics systems, it is now possible to have blood samples delivered to the laboratory in seconds without damaging the blood quality. This can potentially reduce ToTAT to approximately 30 minutes. 

The new and innovative sample logistics systems are based on pneumatic technology, which, in combination with robot technology, ensures that blood samples are transported from the point of care to the laboratory in a matter of seconds. This process also ensures that a blood sample is untouched by hand from the moment it is dispensed at the point of care and until the test result is available. 

With instant delivery of blood samples to the laboratory, hospitals are able to control ToTAT and subsequently bring it down to a minimum – thereby accelerating patient flow and freeing up resources for treatment.