Always a clean bed

Housekeeping in hospitals is a critical function, as focus on hygiene stand-ards and their influence on infection control in the hospital environment increases. Housekeeping is also under constant pressure to reduce cost without compromising the standard of cleaning. 
As patient flows in hospitals accelerate, the demand for more flexible cleaning standards and methods increases to ensure that hygiene standards are constantly met. 

Systematic and Aalborg University Hospital are considering a new solution to support the hospital housekeeping. The solution is digital and transforms today’s paper-based planning of cleaning tasks into a flexible real-time platform where cleaning tasks are scheduled and executed in close colla-boration with the departments of the hospital.

The solution can potentially make the cleaning of rooms dependent on discharge messages from the patient administration system and is the first step towards just-in-time cleaning. This means that the service department moves from procedures of very little flexibility to procedures based on organic and dynamic workflows. 

The system uses machine learning to predict the daily workload and thereby the status of the different cleaning plans. This supports the management in re-allocating resources throughout the day to optimize the cleaning efforts across the hospital. The result is better cleaning at a lower cost because it is possible to focus on critical cleaning tasks and postpone non-critical cleaning tasks and at the same time keep electronic documentation. 

The project is one of the first to focus on house-keeping and provides the service department with modern digital support to optimize the overall hospital logistics.

       : Cleaning logistics includes:

  • Registration of cleaning plans

  • Grouping of tasks to support the organization forms that are specific to the hospital

  • Smartphone-based viewing, updating and adding tasks

  • Smartphone-based support for local collaboration and re-planning

  • Monitoring of progress to support re-plan-

  • Real-time cleaning status to support best in class audit of cleaning quality