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Fast sample response time at Hospital of Southern Jutland
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Fast sample response time at Hospital of Southern Jutland

In 2014, three hospitals merged to form the Hospital of Southern Jutland, and the Emergency Department for all three hospitals was centralized in Aaben-raa. This resulted in new demands on the hospital as the  number of patients increased and faster turn-around-times (TAT) on results of blood samples was needed. The ambition was to reduce response time to maximum one hour.

Fast transport of blood samples from the departments to the laboratory is a key factor in reducing the total turn-around-times (ToTAT). This challenge was handled by using a dedicated and automatic system for transporting blood samples and connecting the departments directly with the laboratory. The Tempus600 transport system delivers the blood samples directly in the labora-tory in an even flow from the departments, which eliminates manual handling of samples, ensures an even treatment of the samples and frees up resources for patient related tasks. The whole process is fully automated, monitored and IT-supported to ensure that the ToTAT does not exceed one hour. 


”Previously, the staff walk-ed from point A to B with the samples, and the pro-cess was characterized by manual handling.”

“Previously, the staff walked from point A to B with the samples, and the process was characterized by manual handling. The dedicated transport system has resulted in a reduced amount of manual repetitive tasks and staff can stay on the department floors taking care of the patients instead” – Susan Boye Nørregaard, Head of the Biochemistry and Immunological Department in Aabenraa. 


Since the merging of the Hospital of Southern Jutland, the Biochemistry and Immuno-logical Department in Aabenraa has experienced a 13 pct. increase in patient contacts, but with the focus on the ToTAT, the hospital has managed to reduce the average duration of hospital admittance in the Emergency Department.

In 2020, the new Hospital of Southern Jutland is established with an emergency hospi- tal in Aabenraa, a specialized hospital in Sønderborg, and an outpatient clinic in Tønder. To be able to meet the future demands of handling an increasing amount of blood samples and to ensure rapid response time, the hospital plans to implement additional Tempus600 systems