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Fully automatic Central Sterile Service Department at Rigshospitalet
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Fully automatic Central Sterile Service Department at Rigshospitalet

As the first hospital in Europe, Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen will implement industrial robots to empty trolleys with sterile goods in the Central Sterile Service Department (CSSD).
Gibocare will supply the solution, which automatically removes instrument containers and transport boxes from trolleys.

An internal transport system of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) eliminates all manual moving of containers around the department, and containers and instruments are automatically transported through the entire process of wash and sterilization. 

When the containers arrive to the CSSD, they are guided to the manual work stations in the washing area for unpacking. If transport boxes are empty upon arrival, they are automatically placed in a wash rack for washing.

When the instruments have been examined and pre-washed by operators, they are placed in a wire basket and a wash rack for washing.

After washing, the instruments are transported to the work stations in the packaging area where they are prepared for sterilization and placed in an instrument container. 

Mini AGVs deliver the containers to a robot cell that loads and unloads the autoclave automatically. 

After sterilization, the instrument containers are brought to the automated warehouse. 

The automated warehouse at the CSSD at Rigshospitalet holds 12,000 units. When a surgery is planned at a hospital in the region, data from the hospital surgery booking system is transferred to the CSSD warehouse management system. One or more containers and transport boxes are then allocated to the specific surgery, released from the storage, loaded in a trolley for sterile goods and transported to the hospital. In this way, only surgery specific trolleys are delivered to the hospitals, which reduce waste and unnecessary storage of seldom used equipment at hospitals.