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Innovative Hospital Logistics from Denmark
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Innovative Hospital Logistics from Denmark

For more than 100 years, Denmark has been a world  leader in logistics. Since the change from sail to steam powered transportation in the early 1800s, Danish companies have been driven by an innate desire to provide their products and services all over the world and consequently, they have perfected efficient logistics systems to be the world’s best.

Globally renowned Danish companies like Maersk, Lego, and Vestas are world leading experts in complex logistics services that carry a significant part of the world trade among continents, supply small colorful bricks for children all over the world, and commission the world’s largest wind turbines, all in even the most remote parts of the world.

Danish logistics system solutions also play a vital role in supporting the logistics in a large part of the world’s airports and Danish logistics system providers measure and ensure visibility and quality in 80 pct. of the largest homogeneous supply chain in the world – the postal logistics systems.

When this international logistics experience and know-how from other industries is matched with a healthcare sector that is known for a century long focus on public-private cooperation, unique things happen and new concepts are created.

The central driving force behind the innovation is the need to transform Danish healthcare and to re-define the role of our hospitals in our future healthcare system. The transformation began almost a decade ago with the structural reform of the public sector in Denmark. The reform created a need for solutions and concepts that optimize hospital efficiency and a logistics set-up that enables very large and highly specialized hospitals to operate with maximum efficiency.

Through this perfect storm of needs for new solutions, know-how from other industries, and a tradition for public-private innovation, the concept of Hospital Logistics that we have presented in this white paper, became a reality. But it is not only a concept. In this white paper, we have also presented cases and experiences from hospitals, where these new solutions are implemented.

Contact Healthcare DENMARK if you want more information about hospital logistics or if you want to follow the next level of innovation within this concept. You can also request a delegation visit on the Healthcare DENMARK homepage if you want to visit Denmark and the hospitals presented in this white paper.

: Hospital Logistics create just-in-time solutions everywhere in the hospital and this is achieved by combining a wide range of know-how and technology with in-depth clinical insight and expertise. Danish strongholds are based on the world leading position that Danish companies have achieved in other industries like postal and airport logistics and the Danish tradition for close public-private innovation.