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Sterile goods Tracking at Herlev Hospital
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Sterile goods Tracking at Herlev Hospital

Lyngsoe System provides sterile goods tracking at Herlev Hospital with a tracking solution based on RFID and barcode technology that automatically records the whereabouts of instruments in the circular flow between the regional Central Sterile Service Department (CSSD) and hospital departments. 
All transport racks, wash racks, and sterilization racks are equipped with high temperature resistant RAIN RFID tags and barcodes. The solution tracks all instruments and equipment through the decontamination and assembly process to the automated storage and issuing area, where trolleys for specific operations are loaded onto transport wagons. 

The solution tracks the transport wagons all the way from the CSSD exit to arrival at the hospital departments and back to the CSSD. RFID readers automatically record the progress of each trolley to arrival at the operating room.

In the operating room, the use of instruments is recorded by the CSSD management system to complete the sterile goods tracking. 

All sterile goods tracking information is presented in standard GS1 data format that can be exchanged among stakeholders and hospital applications. Standard GRAI (Global Returnable Asset Identifier) codes are used for all trays, containers, racks, and transport wagons. GLN (Global Location Number) codes are used for all tracking locations. The standard data format enables seamless data analysis across the logistics flow between the regional CSSDs and hospital departments.