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The fully automatic laboratory at North Zealand Hospital
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The fully automatic laboratory at North Zealand Hospital

Innovative robot technology enables the North Zealand Hospital to improve workflow and logistics in the Department of Clinical Biochemistry. 
A new robot, Gibosort, automate the entire process from handling blood sample tubes, performing the analysis, and sending the test results back to the doctor. With this solution, no manual handling is involved from the moment a sample is taken and until the test result is available in the patients electronic record.

Several of the blood samples analyzed in the hospital laboratory come from the general practitioners. The samples are packaged in special boxes and transported to the hospital. Previously, a medical laboratory technician unpacked the transport boxes manually and prepared the tubes for the automatic analysis system. This process is now handled automatically by a robot. The automatic process reduces TAT for test results to approximately one hour. General practitioners order the analysis electronically and download a requisition with a barcode. When the transport box with the samples arrives at the laboratory, the robot scans the barcodes

and sends the samples with a pneumatic tube to the robotic laboratory where the analysis is performed.


”The amount of automa-tion that Gibosort provides is definitely very interesting – and in our hospital, we see a great future potential for this kind of automation.”

“The amount of automation that Gibosort provides is definitely very interesting – and in our hospital, we see a great future potential for this kind of automation. We are very interested in innovative and secure solutions that free up resources from administrative labor, which can instead be used on patient related tasks. The safety of our patients is increasing as we are automating the previously manual workflow. It creates more time for our medical laboratory technicians for value-adding tasks instead of sorting blood samples manually” – Evy Ottesen, Head Laboratory Technologist from the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at North Zealand Hospital.

Faster TAT for lab results and faster responses to general practitioners help speed up patient diagnostics, treatment and patient satisfaction. 

The system is the first robotized system of its kind installed at a hospital. The system is designed in close collaboration between the North Zealand Hospital and Gibocare.