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The right patient at the right time at Aalborg University Hospital
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The right patient at the right time at Aalborg University Hospital

The clinical staff at Aalborg University Hospital uses a Service Logistics solution to coordinate and prioritize the movement of patients from wards to operation rooms and treatments - and back to the wards. 
The Service Logistics solution ensures fast and timely ordering of patient movements and equipment around the hospital as all service personnel have easy and mobile access to job lists. When an order is placed by the clinical staff to e.g. move a patient, the system ensures that the task is immediately displayed on the task list directly on the service personnel’s mobile devices. 

Similarly, the person who placed the order can follow the status and prepare the next steps because they know exactly when the patient will arrive.


Through the use of real-time location tracking, the Service Logistics solution also knows where all service persons are in the hospital. The same tracking technology can  potentially show the status of all equipment. Hence, delays due to missing service personnel, equipment, or beds not being ready for a patient can be avoided, and the hospital achieves further savings on energy and resources. 

The Service Logistics solution also collects valuable information about activities and tasks. The analytics functions of the solution assist management in using the data to further optimize future resource allocations and shifts. 

The entire clinical staff at Aalborg University Hospital is using the Service Logistics solution on a daily basis and the introduction of the new solution has resulted in a close to 20 pct. efficiency increase. 

Based on the positive experiences and benefits, Aalborg University Hospital plans to expand the use of the Service Logistics solution to support other clinical activities where optimized coordination and real-time information can accelerate the patient flow and increase efficiency.